Andreas Uebele

»new year’s greetings 2016«
Special Edition

What do these conjuring words mean? What is hidden in the lightly said, the dark murmuring?

Words of description are strongly needed at the end of the year: how was the past year, how should the new one be? The language helps as a wonderful tool. Just like a box of bricks, you can take the single parts – only the ones you like – and put them together to a row of new combinations: a nice play. And it gives a good view for the upcoming year: the bad words are no longer needed, the good ones are allowed to stay.

In the word-construction-set you can find now – wildly mixed – honest prefixes, tempting nouns and weird suffixes. The adjectives for the next year almost fall into place: new connections, old wishes and more of that kind. Which describing words are going to be build, is up to oneself. Just like it is open to anyone, what the new year will bring.

210 × 297 mm
Edition of 30
signed and numbered

120 Euro