Andreas Uebele

Christmas Special Edition

The language of the youth exclusively is for the youth - Forget it! No currying favor please! We speak German. The fact that this is a beautiful language, which is also constantly changing, is often overlooked. The - OMG! - creative power of this language leaves one speechless. What do you want for Christmas? Creativity? Here please! Invent language! Listen to 'Haftbefehl' or put our admonishing graphic up your wall. Or both. The colleague @ eike.könig commented our advertising for this Christmas special edition "what typo-nerds want for Christmas": a skateboard, 2 Uzis and a 8 euro (Fischli & Weiss inspired) sculpture ...
Done hereby: Suddenly this abstract for 15 euros.

210 × 297 mm
Edition of 100
signed and numbered

15 Euro