Peter Zizka


Despite the fact that the weapon itself, as an interface of omni-potency, depicts physical processes and uses in a very ultimate form, it is also anti-scientific and anti-empirical - it is imperialistic. The social consideration of the Small Arms-problem varies between taboo and status symbol. Fascination and horror are close together and oscillate. However, considering the individual existence as a snapshot of humanity, each projectile is directed automatically to the source.

If the whole project aims to function socially immanent, it must not stagnate in the aestheticism of the status quo, but has to seek for structural change. This ultimately means that objects, which emerged out of the SYMBIOSIS projects, are sold and their proceedings will be donated to the NGOs or directly to a local institution, which combats these problems.

The Uzi submachine guns have been remilitarized under UN supervision before they became the object. Each Symbiosisobjekt is unique - we herewith offer one object of the exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art Karlsruhe, ZKM.

Two demilitarized Uzi Machine Guns

4000 Euro